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Tetong in the Land of the Unknown

When I heard about the book "Tetong in the Land of the Unknown", I laughed hard with the thought that it sounds so strange. To satisfy my curiosity, I ordered the book the next day at Amazon. The book is about 12 -years old Tetong who lives in a small village of farmers who believed in superstitions but Tetong does not.  Everything in his life changed when his father became ill. A sorcerer told him to look for the cursed singing bird to cure his father.  His journey had always been so difficult that one thing after another kept him from getting it. What scarred the boy was that he found out, that the bird was not only cursed, but might not heal his father, after all. It seemed a bit strange that "Tetong in the Land of the Unknown" is one of the greatest books I have ever read. It is full of cultural information that I had never known from another country and the magical journey that every age will enjoy, captivated me.

 The story is remarkably compelling for readers of all ages.



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